The Psychiatrist

Dr. Colibazzi has expertise in psychopharmacology and has been involved in training and supervising other mental health professionals at Columbia University, providing diagnostic and treatment consultations. Furthermore, Dr. Colibazzi is a trained psychoanalyst and sex therapist. He is involved in academic research and strives to incorporate state-of-the art knowledge into his practice.

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The Psychotherapist

A large part of Dr. Colibazzi’s practice is devoted to doing psychotherapy, both alone and in combination with medications, depending on the individual case. Psychotherapy is an extremely powerful journey for self-discovery and personal growth. Dr. Colibazzi has received extensive training in several types of psychotherapies including crisis interventions, problem solving, cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy (CBT), relaxation training, group psychotherapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, transference-focused psychotherapy (TFP) for personality disorders, sex therapy, couples therapy and psychoanalysis. Because of this extensive expertise, his treatment approach can be tailored to each person’s unique background and specific problems. Being both a couples and sex therapist, Dr. Colibazzi is able to work with couples addressing all dimensions of their relationship.

Why choose a Psychiatrist?

As in anything that matters, it is important to choose wisely when it comes to mental health. Psychiatrists have received extensive medical and psychiatric training (this combined training usually spans almost a decade) and they function both as therapists and as physicians. Given the growing importance of an integrative focus that takes into account mind and body, psychiatrists are uniquely suited to assess your problems in a comprehensive fashion. Because they are physicians, psychiatrists can communicate more easily with your other medical providers, in case this is needed, and they can better understand the complex interactions between mental and physical health. If you are already seeing a therapist, Dr. Colibazzi will collaboratively work with him or her in order to achieve the best results. Many believe that seeing a psychiatrist automatically means you will receive a prescription after a short evaluation. Dr. Colibazzi thoroughly assesses each case and devotes as much time as needed before reaching a decision. At the end of the consultation, he will collaboratively discuss with you treatment options.

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